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8:30am- Women's clinic island ride. Its On! Meet at Baja Joes at 8:30 am to join the fun!!
11am-4pm- Early Registration at Palapas Ventana Restaurant and Bar for Wind and SUP Competitor and Sportsman (no other registrations), early Jersey pickup for Wind and SUP Competitor and Sportsman. Come early so you can pick your number. 
5pm- Welcome Party/Registration/Rider's Meeting ALL SPORTS at Palapas Ventana! Gerry's Taco Bar opens at 5pm
 *The Rider's Meeting is Mandatory. For safety, for the schools, for the children. We need to see you in person and talk to you, because you are important to us! We used to call this a "Skippers Meeting", but some kooks thought they could "skip" it.  You will hear this and other mandatory meetings at The Event Site referred to as Racer's Meetings, Rider's Meetings, and Skipper's Meetings. Think of them as You-Have-to-Be-There-No-Matter-What-Meetings.
DONATE $300 USD keeps 1 student in High School for 1 year. Any amount helps!!!

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