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The 2019 La Ventana Classic was a great success thanks to the people living in La Ventana, El Sargento and beyond! We appreciate your service leading up to and during the event and digging deep in your pockets to further the education of the local children.


Thanks to the La Ventana Classic sponsors, expo exhibitors, events, parties, raffle and auction - 46,926 usd was raised for Amigos de Alumnos to support as many new students as possible in La Ventana-El Sargento, Los Planes and Agua Amarga for their high school education for three years as well as starting to support partial scholarships for university students.


The success of the La Ventana Classic is possible with the support of our generous Sponsors, the La Ventana - El Sargento Community and friends of bike, wind and water sports internationally, the LVC gives our greatest appreciation and gratitude!

Amigos de Alumnos, Palapas Ventana and The Kiteboarder Magazine want to thank these people, businesses and organizations --

  • Carbon Fiber Level: Amara
  • Gold Sponsors: Elevation Kiteboarding, Centre of the Heart, La Paz Tourism Board, Patagonia
  • Silver Sponsors: Morris and Sullivan, Baja Joe's, Ventana Windsports, Rancho Cacachilas, Dalaney's La Ventana Beach Resort, Ventana Bay Real Estate, Lyle Style
  • Bronze Sponsors: Down Winder Inn, Pelican Reef, ChiloChill, Harker Boards, ISLE Surf and SUP, Liquid Force, Airush, La Ventana Bay Properties, Oregon Screen Impressions, Surf Craft, EVOL Kitegear, Casa Tara, Ayuntamiento de La Paz,  FOne, Dakine, Mezcal Titlan, Cerralvo Construction, Pacifico,  IFC (International Community Foundation), Blade, Cabrinha
  • Support Sponsors: Evolution Kiteboarding, Cascade Kiteboarding, LoveVentana, Ozone, Baja Kite and Surf, KiteBoarding Baja, Casa Duna, iKitesurf,  Pro Windsurf, Road Runner Shuttle, Teddy's Restaurant, Ornelas/Keossaian Family, Brett Hatton, Kronsperger & Easton Families, Michael Smith and Amy Rausch, Marlin Azul, Slingshot, Flysurfer Kiteboarding, Duotone, Platino Property Management, Jeff Richards, Victoria Anweiler and Elijah Andrews

Thank you to EVERYONE working and supporting the La Ventana Classic!  
The LVC could not have had this success without the tireless effort of Tim Hatler, Marina Chang, India and the Kiteboarder staff, Charmaine (Creative Director). Kate, Maribel, Ana Maria and Roberta (with Amigos de Alumnos).  Over 100 volunteers handled numerous tasks throughout the week!  Appreciation to Shirley and Scott, Bev and Sharky, Mark and Marie, Grom and Rachael, Greg, Micheal and Amy (finish line and go slow), Roxie and Matt, Mo and Ian, June and Arne, Paula and Butch, Karon, Hermina and Jimena, Sandy and Jim, Javier and No Mas Basura, Jay, Edie and Chris, Loretta, Jean, Mary, Toni and Dave, Bert, Sue N, Anita, Sue M, Ginger, Holly, Kery and Patsy, Cookie, Bruce, Sue, Brooke, Pam and Jaak, Linda, Janis and Linda, Doreen, Rick, Don and Kelly, Lynn, Susan A, Gale, Efran, Kenyon, Adam, Dave and Marsha, Jill, Tyler, Elija Victoria and Jeff, Ari, Brooke, Susan H, Renee, David and Jean, Mary Joyce and Jeanie, Brent and Lynnette, Andris, Donna, Tom, Marsha C, Nancy and Joules, Darren and Sherie, Kelly, Kimmie, Sebastian and the LVC Photography Team.  And Ale, Christina, Elsy, Toni, Cate and Race Directors  Shannon, Barrett and Alfredo.

Our appreciation to the Palapas Ventana staff that worked their regular jobs then worked extra hours for LVC. Thank you Florencio, Brock, Pingüino, Isrreal, Mael, Yuli and her Restaurant Staff! 

We have a special thanks to the generous people who paid the entry fee for 20 local kids under 16 years of age so they were able to participate in the Enduro and 10K mountain bike races - Doreen and Rick, Scott and Shirley, Lee and Sarah, Michael and Amy, Tom and Tamera, Al and Wendy, John and Martha, Greg and Lori, Jamie and Mary, Mark and Julie, Danny and Jacenth, Tom.  Special appreciation to Warren and everyone who worked on the trails and helped with the races!

What is Amigos de Alumnos Program? It's the cause behind this event! Just $300 per year for one needy student and now 54 local kids are attending High School and 8 are in university because of your generosity. 



DONATE $300 USD keeps 1 student in High School for 1 year. Any amount helps!!!

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