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SUP Crossing cancelled today! SUP event will be a series of mini downwinders - Hot Springs to Palapas
10:30am skipper's meeting for foil racers. First possible start 11:15am. 
12pm skipper's meeting for slalom racing competitors and sportsmen.

ATTENTION: Anyone who wants to do the Wind Crossing, postponed until further notice, MUST participate in slalom racing as a prequalifier. Top 50 riders will advance.

PARTY: Stick around the Hot Springs beach for Maui Mike to cook up some tasty bbq at 6pm then enjoy the sounds of legendary surf lucha band The Mexican Weirdohs and Barracuda as they take stage at 7pm. Get ready for a night of flamethrowers, flame dancers and more!

DONATE $300 USD keeps 1 student in High School for 1 year. Any amount helps!!!

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