Agile Certified Product Manager And Product Owner Online Course And Exam

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookAs the demand for agile methodologies continues to grow, particularly in software development industries, the role of a Product Owner is becoming increasingly vital. Product Owners play a significant role in ensuring the success of a project, from creating a vision for the product to prioritizing and managing the backlog. As a result, professionals seeking to advance their careers in this role are turning to online courses to enhance their skills and knowledge. This article will examine the best Product Owner courses available online, including their features and benefits, to help professionals make an informed decision regarding their career development.

Here’s a look at the Best Product Owner Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Agile Certified Product Manager And Product Owner Online Course And Exam

1. Introduction Agile & Scrum for Product Owners by Valentin Despa, Learn with Valentine (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Introduction Agile & Scrum for Product Owners Course is an unofficial course designed to educate individuals about agility and Scrum. The course is not affiliated with, and its practice exams are not endorsed by the organization. However, many students use the course to prepare for the PSPO™ I exam or any other certification that requires knowledge of Agile principles and understanding the Scrum Guide. The course fee does not include the price of the certification exam.The course is frequently updated, and the current version is valid for the 2022 exam. It is compliant with the 2020 version of the Scrum Guide. The course provides all necessary information and materials to pass the exam, and previous students have successfully claimed PMI PDUs after attending the class.The PSPO™ I certification from is the most popular certification for aspiring and existing Product Owners. offers various Scrum certifications at an affordable price. An alternative is the CSPO certification from Scrum Alliance, which requires a course from the organization and needs renewal, unlike PSPO™ I.The PSPO™ I certification is similar to PSM™ I, but the former focuses on the role of the Product Owner in different circumstances and maximizing value. The course is suitable for anyone interested in working within an Agile team, especially from the position of the Product Owner.The course provides a clear explanation of the Scrum Guide, quizzes, and assignments to test the understanding of the Scrum framework. It includes high-quality video lectures, practical examples of Scrum application in organizations, and a Q&A section for support.The creator of the course exclusively owns the statements made and opinions expressed herein, which do not represent the viewpoint of does not endorse any product, service or point of view, and does not make any representations, warranties, or assurances about the content.

2. Product Owner PSPO 1 Scrum Product Owner Certification 2022 by Michael James, Management Made Simple (Udemy)

The Product Owner PSPO 1 Scrum Product Owner Certification 2022 course is designed to help individuals become a successful Scrum Product Owner and prepare for the PSPO 1 and PSM 1 certifications. This course is suitable for anyone looking to boost their career prospects in the software development industry without needing to learn how to code. Additionally, entrepreneurs with an idea can also benefit from this course as it teaches them how to manage a team to bring their vision to the marketplace. The course covers Scrum theory essentials for the Product Owner, including Agile and Scrum history, Scrum work management tool demonstrations, the Product Owner role, the Scrum Master role, the Developer role, multiple Scrum teams, and more.

The course instructor, Michael James, is a UK business and leadership instructor with over a decade of experience in management and leadership in the corporate environment. James has also managed and built many private entrepreneurial mobile app and website products with thousands of downloads and users. The course includes practicals and advice based on tried and tested experience, as well as practice quizzes and tests based on the certification exams, certification assessment tips, and software demonstrations.

The course content is divided into sections that cover Agile and Scrum overview, Scrum certifications, Scrum team and roles, Scrum events, Scrum artifacts, Jira practical and software demonstration, Trello boards, asana tweaked for Scrum, Sprint retrospective tools, work estimation, discovery, exam tips, PSPO I practice exam, PSM I practice exam, and congratulations and bonus. The course also features feedback from students who found the course helpful in preparing for their certification exams.

Overall, the Product Owner PSPO 1 Scrum Product Owner Certification 2022 course is suitable for individuals who want to improve their career prospects in the software development industry and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to manage a team to bring their vision to the marketplace.

3. Robust Scrum Product Owner by Michael de la Maza, PhD, CEC (Udemy)

The Robust Scrum Product Owner Course, led by Michael de la Maza, PhD, CEC, aims to improve the Scrum Product Owner skills of individuals. The course caters to those who have completed a one to three-day course in Scrum Product Ownership or have equivalent experience and want to enhance their skills. The course provides a detailed understanding of the mindset, practices, and responsibilities of Scrum Product Owners.

The course contains several testimonials from previous participants stating the effectiveness of the course in helping them improve their skills. It offers two 25-minute coaching sessions with the instructor and practical examples, exercises, and homework to help participants grasp the concepts.

The course is designed to take nine weeks and requires an average of half an hour per day to complete. The curriculum comprises 10 sections, focusing on areas such as Product Owner Responsibilities, Value, Backlog Refinement, Sprint Planning, and Release Planning.

The course aims to provide a stress-free experience for Scrum Product Owners, offering spreadsheets, recipes, and guidance to take the stress out of the role. Michael de la Maza, who is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), provides his experience training and consulting at companies such as eBay, Carbonite, edX, and Verizon, among others.

The course aims to provide a personal tutor experience, with participants able to ask questions at any time using the questions area of the course. Michael de la Maza is also the co-author of two books, Why Agile Works and Professional Scrum with Team Foundation Server, and has a PhD in Computer Science from MIT.

The course is challenging and requires participants to work hard to improve their Scrum Product Owner skills. Michael de la Maza advises individuals to assess their aspirations and practice in proportion to them. Participants can watch free videos to evaluate whether the course is a good fit for them.

4. Postgraduate Diploma: Digital Products Management by The Retail Banking School (Udemy)

The Retail Banking School is offering a new hybrid program, Postgraduate Diploma: Digital Products Management, which can be taken online or on-campus in Lisbon. The online option is self-paced and can be started and finished at any time during the year. The course is a 360-degree overview of a Product Owner’s knowledge areas, catering to owners and managers of digital products, services, and platforms, as well as leaders in finance, fintech, and service industries. The course content includes six modules, an interactive part, and a capstone project.

The course content covers a wide range of topics, including the role and mission of a Product & Service Owner, product/service management, business and PnL analysis, market analysis & customer development, vision and roadmap, and interactive part & capstone (optional). The course also covers several areas such as product owner role examples from retail banking and digital business, product manager VS product owner roles, defining the vision, prioritizing needs, overseeing development stages, and evaluating product progress at each iteration.

Other topics in the course include introduction to market analysis, customer development, competitive analysis, MVP, Сoncierge/Wizard of OZ approaches usage, purposes of market analysis and Custdev at digital business, role of market and clients analyst, role of market analysis and Custdev at product development, introduction to basic market and clients feedback analysis tools, digital channels building, practical examples from digital business, examples from consumer lending, mortgage, and other product-lines of retail business, and interactive part.

The course author is Igor Dmitriev, a professor of The Retail Banking School and digital business and retail banking expert. He has an MBA from The Boston University, USA, a Master of Science at Engineering (Technical) Management, The State University of New York at Buffalo, USA, and a Master of Science at Informatics and Economics, The Saint- Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics.

5. Product Owner Fundamentals by The BA Guide | Jeremy Aschenbrenner, Vivek & Pabitra Khattri (Udemy)

The Product Owner Fundamentals Course, instructed by The BA Guide, Jeremy Aschenbrenner, Vivek, and Pabitra Khattri, aims to equip learners with the necessary mindset, skills, responsibilities, and best practices required to excel in the Product Owner (PO) position. The course emphasizes the significance of the PO role in Agile Scrum, where the PO is responsible for understanding the business’s wants and needs, collaborating with the Development Team, and creating a product that satisfies those requirements. The course prepares learners for a career as a Product Owner by providing them with foundational knowledge, skills, and a deep understanding of the core concepts.

The course highlights five reasons to become a Product Owner, including earning potential, job growth, career opportunities, fulfilling outcomes, and the dynamic nature of the role. Learners’ feedback indicates that the course’s instructor is engaging, provides a clear understanding of the PO role’s intricacies, and simplifies complex topics into practical, logical pieces. The course includes high-quality video lectures, quizzes, activities, downloadable resources, instructor support, and lifetime access to ensure learners understand the concepts and retain the information long after completing the course.

The course also includes The BA Guide’s 30-Minute Agile Scrum Round-Up, which offers learners a solid understanding of Agile Scrum’s core elements, roles, artifacts, events, and best practices. The course employs The BA Guide’s TEACH, SHOW, DO technique, a method developed over years of experience in training and managing business analysis and product owner professionals. The technique ensures total comprehension of the topic at hand and maximum information retention, providing learners with the necessary knowledge to become successful Product Owners.

The course content and sections cover various topics, including the role of the Product Owner, working with stakeholders, generating value, defining the Product Backlog, refinement and prioritization of the Product Backlog, and final activity. The course concludes with the wrapping up section.

6. Product Owner Training: Agile Product Ownership with Scrum by Jimmy Mathew (Udemy)

The Product Owner Training: Agile Product Ownership with Scrum course is designed to provide detailed training for individuals aspiring to be successful product owners in software development using agile. The course covers topics such as managing requirements, creating and maintaining user stories, user story mapping, and different techniques used by product owners in managing requirements during agile software development using Scrum framework. It also includes a discussion on the product owner’s role, activities, and skills, and the prescribed events and activities in Scrum processes.

The course is suitable for anyone interested in learning about product ownership in agile software development, particularly those playing the role of product owner in agile software development or aspiring to become a product owner in this field. A basic knowledge of software development is recommended before taking this course. The course begins with a detailed discussion on Agile software development and Scrum framework, followed by topics on the Product Owner role, activities, and skills.

The course also covers managing requirements, which is one of the main responsibilities of a Product Owner. It includes topics such as writing user stories, user story mapping, methods for splitting and ordering user stories, release planning, and other related subjects. The course ends with a summary of the discussion using a simple image of the Scrum framework.

The course includes common modules or sessions with other courses, such as User Stories: Managing User Stories in Scrum Framework and Agile Requirements: Managing Requirements in Scrum Framework, along with a few topics from the Scrum training. The course content is updated as per the latest Scrum Guide to ensure relevance.

Overall, the Product Owner Training: Agile Product Ownership with Scrum course is a comprehensive training program suitable for individuals interested in pursuing a career as a product owner in agile software development using Scrum framework.

7. #2 Scrum Product Owner -A Practical Guide For Product Owners by Malay Biswal PMP, SAFe PO/PM, Math and Telecom Enthusiast (Udemy)

The Scrum Product Owner – A Practical Guide for Product Owners is a course that provides essential skills for product owners in the scrum framework. The course is instructed by Malay Biswal, who has experience in project management, SAFe PO/PM, math, and telecommunications. The course aims to provide real-world skills and experience that are necessary to excel in the role of Agile Product Owner.

The course is beneficial for anyone who wants to play the role of Product Owner in a Scrum project or aspiring for the role. It covers all concepts that are required for a product owner in a scrum project. The course provides lifetime access to all video lectures, and all queries and doubts will get a detailed answer if required, with an additional video tutorial.

The course covers Scrum framework, Key Interfaces and Meetings for the role of Product Owner, Role and Key Tasks of A Product Owner, Expectation and Skills required for Product Owner Role in detail, Product Owner Career-related questions, and a Quiz for Practical Product Owner Role. The topics covered will help individuals perform the role of Product Owner well and progress in their career.

The course instructor assures a full refund within 30 days with no questions asked if the course does not meet their expectations. The course is a practical guide that aims to provide necessary skills to excel in the role of Agile Product Owner. Enroll now to demystify the Product Owner role.

8. Scrum Product Owner by Stone River eLearning (Udemy)

The Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC) course offered by Stone River eLearning trains project and product managers on maximizing return on investment (ROI) and optimizing total cost of ownership (TCO) of products and systems. The course prepares candidates to work in an agile environment with a focus on product requirements to manage product outcomes. It equips product managers with tools to effectively translate requirements to development teams to achieve optimum results, covering strategies like user stories, ordering and organizing, and product backlog refining. This course enables product owners to gain a concrete understanding of stakeholder management, release planning, and delivery, resulting in products that drive value.

The course is based on practical training and real-world techniques that candidates can immediately implement in their workplaces. It provides a better understanding of Scrum’s advantages, specifically in product development, and includes hands-on exercises that demonstrate key concepts to experience the benefits of Scrum.

The course content and sections consist of an introduction, an overview of Scrum, roles, and responsibilities, planning, managing quality, change, and risk, sprints, and wrap up.

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9. The Complete Agile Scrum Product Owner Masterclass by Danny Liu (Udemy)

The Complete Agile Scrum Product Owner Masterclass Course, instructed by Danny Liu, is a comprehensive online course designed to teach learners how to plan, build, and launch digital products as an Agile product owner. The course offers essential skills for those looking to transition into a product owner role, develop software and digital products, or stand out in their role as a developer or tech lead. Learners will also gain valuable knowledge on how to build valuable products using agile product owner techniques.The course is specifically designed to give learners the product owner skills they need to get a job as an Agile Scrum Product Owner. The content is carefully curated to provide only the essentials needed for success in this role. Learners will learn how to build a real product backlog for a consumer banking application using the techniques taught in the course. The course is not only suitable for those aiming to get their first Product Owner job, but also for individuals who want to understand what it takes to build products using an agile approach.The course covers all the essential agile scrum keywords to help learners understand the dynamics of an agile scrum team. It also teaches learners the core product owner skills needed to become job-ready in just under a couple of hours. The course content is updated regularly to ensure that learners are not learning old ways of doing things, but rather current best practices.The course comes with full support, seven days a week, to answer any questions learners may have. Additionally, it offers a full 30-day money-back guarantee, with no questions asked. The course is suitable for absolute beginners with no previous product owner experience, to intermediates looking to sharpen their skills to become better product owners and managers to develop great digital products.

10. How to become a strong Product Owner by David Pereira (Udemy)

The course titled How to become a strong Product Owner is designed to help learners become proficient in the role of a Product Owner. The course instructor, David Pereira, shares effective techniques that work in real-life scenarios to impart knowledge on the mindset of successful Product Owners. The course methodology includes a connection between theory and practice, efficient techniques used in daily life, real cases analysis, and practical exercises to foster learning.

The course content is divided into three parts: the Product Owner role, essential skills required to be a Product Owner, and Product Owner’s daily activities. The course is suitable for learners who want to become a Product Owner or want to advance their existing skillset as a Product Owner. The instructor created this course after observing that many people fall into the same pitfalls while on the road as a Product Owner.

The course is designed to help learners avoid the traps awaiting them in their journey as a Product Owner and to excel by having a value-driven mindset. The market for Product Owners is growing, and the demand is higher than the availability. Therefore, this course will help learners become an attractive candidate in this ever-growing market.

At the end of the course, learners will have clarity on what NOT to do as a Product Owner. The course covers topics such as communication, decision-making, focus, problem-solving, curiosity, product backlog management, the sprint, measuring the results, and further learning.

Overall, this course is a comprehensive guide to becoming a strong Product Owner and includes practical information that is useful for learners at any level in their journey as a Product Owner. It is a valuable resource for anyone looking to become proficient in this role.