Ancient Egyptian Shamanism Course Online

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookShamanism is an ancient practice that has gained renewed interest in recent years. With the rise of online learning, there are now numerous options available for individuals seeking to learn more about Shamanism from the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we will explore some of the best Shamanism courses available online. These courses offer a range of topics, from the history of Shamanism to practical techniques for spiritual healing and growth. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, there is a course that can accommodate your needs and interests.

Here’s a look at the Best Shamanism Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Ancient Egyptian Shamanism Course Online

1. Spiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki by Sharon Ramel (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Spiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki Course, taught by Sharon Ramel, is a popular and highly rated course on Udemy in Shamanism and the Number 1 Bestselling Course in Spirituality. The course provides a transformational healing experience that helps individuals cope with everyday stress, mental health issues, dramas, and achieve personal growth, wellbeing, and happiness. The course offers a certificate of attunement with the lineage pathway upon completion. The nine Rites of the Munay Ki are taught in a structured and easy-to-follow manner, and the course provides comprehensive notes, videos, and an extensive course guide book to assist students in their learning. The course teaches students the importance of shamanism and being connected with nature to achieve balance, health, relationship, and success in all aspects of life. The Munay Ki is a transformative experience that helps individuals heal wounds of the past, karmic and genetic programs, and beliefs inherited with grace spirituality. The course includes nine initiations, each focusing on a specific area of personal development, such as healing power, protection, inner seer, feminine energy, masculine energy, spiritual source, and stewardship for all creation. Students have praised the course for its in-depth teachings, practical exercises, and the ability to move through the course at their own pace. The course has an active Facebook community and discussion board, and Sharon Ramel personally answers every question. Students who are already healers in any modality can easily integrate the practices into their own work. The course offers a powerful path to rediscovering our deep interconnection to the elements, animals, plants, and all that is manifest in our world. The course provides access to a comprehensive manual and notes gifted as a lasting reference for students. The course has an active discussion board and Facebook group.

2. Shamanic Life Coach Certification (Accredited) by Joeel & Natalie Rivera, Victoria Hawkins, Transformation Services (Udemy)

The Shamanic Life Coach Certification course is designed to teach students how to become a certified Shamanic Life Coach using Shamanic wisdom, tools, rituals, and art therapy for harmony and alignment. The course is accredited by the Continuing Professional Development Standards Agency and offers 15 CPD/CEU credits upon request. The course instructors, Joeel & Natalie Rivera and Victoria Hawkins, have a thriving community on Udemy and within a Facebook networking group.

The course aims to help individuals create more harmony, balance, and joy in their daily lives, while also helping clients heal and reach their full potential by reconnecting to their roots and awakening their higher selves. Students will learn how to guide clients on a journey into themselves using creative art and rituals based on the ancient wisdom of Shamanism. The course offers over 20 exercises, tools, and techniques that can enhance life coaching, healing, therapy, or spiritual practices.

Students will learn how to use sound healing, mantras, and Shamanic dance to shift emotional energy and raise frequency. They will also learn how to create sacred space for coaching sessions and office environments and how to restore clients’ connection to nature by understanding the cycles of nature, the chakra system, animal wisdom, stones and crystals, and more. Symbolism will be taught to unlock the potential of the human mind and surrender limiting beliefs to create a vibrant life filled with gratitude and purpose.

This course is suitable for life coaches or aspiring life coaches and offers a proven life coaching blueprint, a private life coaching network community, made-for-you handouts, exercises, and activities, access to Transformation Life Coaching Magazine, a free listing in the Transformation Life Coaching Directory, and an official Life Coaching Certification from Transformation Academy. The course is brought to you by Transformation Academy and is collaborated by Joeel & Natalie Rivera and Victoria Hawkins, or the Suburban Shaman.

3. Learn Shamanic Journeying To The Lower Middle Upper Worlds by Sharon Ramel (Udemy)

This course, titled Learn Shamanic Journeying to the Lower Middle Upper Worlds, is designed for beginners who want to awaken their spiritual potential. The course is instructed by Sharon Ramel, a top-selling instructor of shamanism on Udemy. The course teaches the core Shamanic Journeying techniques to travel between dimensions and retrieve knowledge. The course promotes deep spiritual healing and reconnects individuals with the sacred. A certificate of completion is available upon request.

The Shamanic Journey is the primary tool of shamans, allowing them to enter a trance-like state and retrieve knowledge from the spiritual realm. Sharon Ramel teaches a step-by-step system of spiritual practice that is distilled from cultures around the world. The course is designed to release fear and promote spiritual healing by co-creating with spirit.

The health benefits of shamanism include rebuilding spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health, improving one’s ability to think, sleep, and feel better, and reducing negative emotions. Reviews of the course highlight its life-altering content and sincere teaching style.

Shamanic journeying is the art of using intention and rhythm to enter an altered state of consciousness and connect with the spiritual dimension of reality. The course teaches individuals to access their own power animals, spirit guides, and helpers, who provide guidance through life’s pathways.

The course teaches individuals to access their ancestors and develop new capacities and virtues. The course empowers individuals to live a magical, enchanted life connected to the universe and their sense of purpose. The course promotes radical transformation of power and connection through the heart.

The course promotes increased vitality, power, and overall well-being. It helps individuals create desired changes, release addictions, strengthen their connection to spiritual source and soul purpose, and heal from emotional trauma. The course strengthens the immune system, improves self-confidence, and enhances relationships.

The course should be completed by committing to a schedule and practicing the ceremonial aspects of the teachings.

4. Master Shamanism Through Journeying, Ritual And Ceremony by Sharon Ramel (Udemy)

The Master Shamanism Through Journeying, Ritual And Ceremony is a course offered by instructor Sharon Ramel. The course aims to enhance the shamanic journeying skills of its students and enable them to lead and share guided ceremonial shamanism practices to promote spiritual healing and awakening. The course is suitable for healers in any modality who wish to integrate shamanic healing rituals in their own life and work. Sharon Ramel is a top instructor on Udemy who pioneered teaching shamanism online globally. It should be noted that this is not a beginners course and requires an understanding of shamanism and shamanic journeying.

The course offers a certificate of attunement by request, which is free of charge. The course has received great feedback from students who appreciate Sharon’s clear and concise teaching style and her willingness to share her own experiences. The course comprises of various sections that build upon each other, and students are encouraged to commit to a schedule to watch one section at a time, although they may take longer if preferred.

The course covers various topics such as interpreting shamanic journey messages, creating and participating in shamanic healing ceremonies, journeying into the future and past, communicating with beings of healing wisdom, and working with spirit guides. Students will also learn about divination, transmutation, prayer, soul retrieval, and classic journeying practices. By the end of the course, students will have a holistic understanding of shamanic practices and principles, and how to make a positive difference to their own, other’s and the planet’s healing.

The course’s benefits include increased vitality and power, enhanced ability to create desired life changes, expanded sense of wholeness and well-being, stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose, strengthened immune system, healing from emotional trauma, and many others.

5. Shamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide (Certified) by Sharon Ramel, Julian Jenkins (Udemy)

This course, titled Shamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide (Certified), is instructed by Sharon Ramel and Julian Jenkins. The course aims to teach attendees how to use shamanism and psychic mediumship to manifest their desires and improve their overall well-being by syncing with the moon. The course offers a certificate of attunement and lineage by request for free upon completion.

Testimonials from previous students indicate that the course is effective for spiritual growth and helpful for those who love the moon. The course covers topics such as performing an Elemental ceremony, creating a Moon altar, meditation, and manifestation. It also teaches how to work with the different phases of the moon, such as the new moon, waxing crescent moon, full moon, waning crescent moon, and last quarter moon.

The course emphasizes the importance of understanding the power of the moon and its influence on our lives. It suggests that by learning how to harness the energies of each lunar phase, we can positively channel our intentions and amplify our mediumship and shamanic skills. The course also includes information on the benefits of shamanism, such as increased vitality, enhanced ability to create desired life changes, and stronger connection to spiritual source and soul purpose.

The course is designed for individuals who are interested in learning more about shamanism and psychic mediumship or for those who are already healers in other modalities. It is structured in sections that cover the basics of moon magic, manifestation, and mediumship, as well as the different moon phases. The instructors, Sharon Ramel and Julian Jenkins, are experienced and renowned in their respective fields.

Overall, the course aims to help individuals restore and refocus their lives by enhancing their spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental health through the power of the moon.

6. Discover The Mystery Of Faery Witchcraft Shamanism Today by Sharon Ramel (Udemy)

The Discover The Mystery Of Faery Witchcraft Shamanism Today course, led by Sharon Ramel, teaches participants how to connect with witchcraft through faery shamanism, expanding their intuition, healing motivation, and manifestation abilities. The course focuses on deep shamanic healing, reconnection with the sacred, and harmony and balance through the utilization of elemental magic. The program offers a certificate of attunement at the end of the course by request for free.

The course has received positive reviews from participants, who emphasize the personal journey made possible by the program and the benefits of working with the faery folk. The course covers various topics, including opening into the mystic, faery forest walks, faery tea making rituals, working with earth faery connections, and more. Participants are encouraged to practice and believe in themselves to awaken their faery shaman potential.

An important note for potential participants is that the course is not a romanticized version of faery witchcraft or shamanism; rather, it is based on the oldest and most enduring human spiritual tradition of shamanism that belongs to all cultures and countries. The course aims to benefit participants’ health and well-being by enhancing their ability to create desired life changes, improving self-confidence and relationships, and strengthening their immune system.

The course includes various sections and requires a commitment to a schedule, adding the same time into the calendar each week to watch one section at a time. Participants are encouraged to complete all videos, read the PDFs, and answer any assignments that help deepen their practice. A certificate of completion is offered by Udemy, and the instructor offers a certificate of completion for those who complete the course and message her through Udemy.

7. How To Do A Shamanic Journey – A Way To Inner Wholeness by Daniela Hills (Udemy)

The course How to Do a Shamanic Journey – A Way to Inner Wholeness is being offered by Daniela Hills, with a focus on finding and bringing back one’s power animal. The main objective of the course is to teach individuals how to perform shamanic journeys, with an emphasis on traveling to the Under World to find and bring back one’s power animal. The course will teach participants how to reach other worlds or realities through the help of fast drumming.

The course is designed for beginners and will be taught step by step, in a way that allows individuals to start journeying almost immediately. The course will provide participants with guided meditation, drumming music, and course manuals. The course is structured in an easy-to-follow manner, without any complicated instructions.

The course is ideal for individuals who want to learn more about themselves and find answers to questions. The journey focuses on finding one’s Power Animal and bringing it back into one’s life, resulting in more energy and inner peace. The course is also suitable for individuals who already have experience with Shamanic Journeying or those who want to ensure that they have found their power animal. The course is also a great way to prepare for advanced shamanic journeying courses, which will teach participants how to find Power Animals for friends and Shamanic Symbols or missing Soul Fragments for themselves and others.

There are no prerequisites for taking the course, but it would be beneficial to have some experience with meditations or energy work. The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, the first journey to the Middle World, Power Animals, journey to the Under World to find and bring back one’s Power Animal, and a bonus section on Advanced Shamanic Journeying.

In conclusion, the course How to Do a Shamanic Journey – A Way to Inner Wholeness is designed to teach individuals how to perform shamanic journeys and find their Power Animal.

8. Your Shamanic Vision Quest, A Gateway To Manifestation by Sharon Ramel (Udemy)

The course titled Your Shamanic Vision Quest, A Gateway To Manifestation is available on Udemy and taught by Sharon Ramel, who pioneered teaching shamanism online. The course aims to bring shamanism and shamanic healing to benefit one’s life by discovering how to dream effectively and live an authentic life. The course includes a certificate of attunement by request for free at the end.

The course is designed to address the feeling of something missing in life, whether it is related to one’s job, lifestyle, or relationships. The course offers a Definitive Guide to Shamanic Vision Quest to live an authentic and heart-centered life. The course boasts high ratings and positive reviews from previous students who have found it helpful.

The course mainly covers the shamanic journey and how to vision quest effectively. It includes topics like shamanism basics, journeying to synchronize vision quest, expanding five senses, dream once more, and healing food ideas. The course also includes exercises, ceremonies, and rituals to develop a second sight, prepare sacred space, and perform perceptual exercises for deep spiritual healing.

The course offers many benefits for one’s health and well-being, including increased vitality and power, enhanced ability to create desired life changes, and strengthened immune system. The course also helps in healing from emotional trauma, changing negative thoughts and beliefs, and improving self-confidence and relationships.

The course encourages commitment to a schedule and practicing ceremonial aspects for deepening one’s practice. The instructor, Sharon Ramel, is one of the top Udemy instructors in the Religion and Spirituality genre, and the course includes a certificate of completion. The course also offers a complete shaman training program that guides from embarking on the first shamanic journey to the development of a professional shamanic healing practice.

The course is an opportunity to reconnect with the shamanic dreaming heart, ground oneself in inner magic, and gift the messages of Spirit and spiritual healing for oneself and others.

9. Receive Spiritual Initiation Into The Shamanic Nusta Karpay by Sharon Ramel (Udemy)

The Receive Spiritual Initiation Into The Shamanic Nusta Karpay course, instructed by Sharon Ramel, offers sacred ancient shamanic healing rites with Pleiadian star transmission techniques to awaken deep healing. Through the Nusta Karpay, participants will align with Pleiadian star wisdom seeding directly into their hearts to improve their mental health and wellbeing on many levels. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a personalized certificate and will be able to pass the healing Nusta Karpay Rites onto others.The Nusta Karpay are energetic transmissions given into the seven main chakras, which hold all our histories, light, and shadow pieces. Each initiation stirs the contents of the chakras, bringing to the surface the parts of oneself that have not yet been healed or honored. The Nusta Karpay align with the sacred improving one’s connection with the earth-honoring presence of the beloved Pachamama and renewing one’s spiritual connection with the wisdom from the Pleiadian seven sisters. The course is designed to teach students how to find this medicine in the seen and unseen forces within our vast cosmos, making it a powerful energy healing and self-discovery tool.The course offers initiation into the Nusta Karpay shamanism tradition with the help of the seven sisters of the Pleiadian StarGate. Students will learn to connect deeply with the sacred Andean Rites and will be able to initiate others after completing the course. The course includes PDF extensions for each of the Rites, audio lectures, and a PDF manual to support students in expanding and deepening their learning.Through ancient shamanic practices and sacred rituals, including the building of one’s own Nusta Mesa, students will find their center, place in the world, and shamanic medicine for self-healing and helping others. The course is open to anyone who desires world peace and the awakening of unity consciousness.

10. The Path of Celtic Shamanism Accredited Diploma Course by Tom Llewellyn, Soulremember Academy (Udemy)

The Path of Celtic Shamanism is an accredited diploma course offered by Soulremember Academy, with course instructors being Tom Llewellyn. The course is designed to teach about the Druid Shamanic Wisdom of the Seers & Bards, inspired by the Ancient Celts, for Soul Wholeness & Spirit Reviving Healing. This course is accredited by the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association.

The course aims to teach students about the wonderful path of Celtic Shamanism and to walk an earthy and soul kindling practice of inner shamanic development. In this course, students will learn about the Celtic Tribes and the Druids, and how we can practice Celtic Spirituality and Shamanism today. Students will explore what we know about how the Celtic Tribes structured their society, their vision of life and spiritual practices.

The course includes lectures exploring the Celts, Druids, Bards, and Ovates, and their vision of life and what they practiced. Students will learn how to practice simple Celtic rituals and how to explore the shamanic world of Power Animals. The course also includes Celtic themed meditations that will help students awaken their body, mind, and spirit, and a guided Shamanic Journey. Bonus material includes detailed interviews with the Druid Teacher and Author Robin Herne.

The course is accredited by the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association and is offered by registered member and course provider Soulremember Retreats (Tom Llewellyn)- membership no 10664059. Students who finish the course can contact Tom to receive their official accreditation certificate.

The facilitator of the course is Tom Llewellyn, who has 20 years of experience within the realms of meditation, psychic development, Kundalini, celtic spirituality and Druidism, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and sound healing. He is a trained and skilled teacher of Kundalini Yoga and has written two books.