Black Owned Online Credit Repair Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookThere is a growing demand for high-quality credit repair courses in the online education industry. Consumers and professionals alike seek comprehensive and practical instruction on credit repair strategies and techniques. The online landscape offers a plethora of options for those seeking such courses, which can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate. As a result, it’s essential to evaluate and compare the best credit repair courses online to find the most suitable and effective program for your needs. In this article, we will examine the key features and benefits of several top credit repair courses available online, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Here’s a look at the Best Credit Repair Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Black Owned Online Credit Repair Course

1. Credit Repair: The 2022 Total Guide to a Great Credit Score by Craig Randall (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Credit Repair: The 2022 Total Guide to a Great Credit Score course, taught by expert Craig Randall, is a step-by-step plan designed to improve credit within an hour of starting. With over 6,800 students and 500 5-star reviews, this course has received the exceptional Udemy certified BEST SELLER status for six straight years. The course is constantly expanded, with five new lectures added, and offers 49 lectures of content. The course teaches everything one needs to know to start improving credit, including specialty areas such as foreclosures, late payments, medical bills, and bankruptcies. The course also teaches how to build good financial habits that will continue to improve credit for the rest of one’s life. The course is written in a way that can be understood by anyone and includes many screen shots, images, and diagrams to follow the exact, mistake-free path to improving credit. The course is already up to date with 2022 tools, tricks, and standards. The course explains how credit status is the most important financial asset and how it can affect one’s ability to get a loan for a car or home, as well as getting a job, an apartment, bail, or even a cell phone. The course helps figure out the areas where credit can be improved, start repairing them, and lay out a working plan for issues that need a longer term to fix. The course is designed to allow learners to begin improving their credit quickly, easily, and accurately without complicated jargon, sleep-inducing explanations, or long-winded details unrelated to one’s situation. At the end of the course, learners will have the knowledge, experience, and tools to achieve a high credit score. The course includes a 30-day money-back guarantee, lifetime access, and can be accessed from a computer, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

2. Get a Credit Repair Publication On Amazon and Live LIFE.. by John Harris (Udemy)

The course titled Get a Credit Repair Publication on Amazon and Live LIFE is instructed by John Harris and offers individuals the opportunity to start a credit repair information business. The course is designed to generate a monthly income of $20,000 through passive sales of credit repair books on platforms such as Kindle, Amazon and Ebay.

The course emphasizes the importance of information as a product to sell online, highlighting the benefits of no shipping, no inventory, easy reproduction, low to no cost and high markup. The internet is considered to be an ideal platform for marketing information products such as credit repair books. By selling information-based products, individuals can benefit from high profit margins without the need for substantial investment, and with minimal costs.

One of the key advantages of information-based products is that they are unique to the seller. This allows individuals to have control over the distribution of the product, avoiding competition with established businesses that have greater buying power and better wholesale prices. Credit repair information is identified as a particularly promising area, given the high demand and the willingness of people to pay for specialized and secretive information related to credit repair.

The course covers various sections, including an introductory section that emphasizes the importance of information-based products and how they can be marketed online. Overall, the course provides individuals with valuable insights into how they can create a successful credit repair information business and generate a significant income through passive sales.

3. #1 Kick A#S Credit Repair Course – Fully Loaded 150+ Letters by Dana Robinson (Udemy)

The #1 Kick A#S Credit Repair Course – Fully Loaded 150+ Letters is a step-by-step course designed to provide individuals with the tools needed to repair their credit and achieve financial success. The course is taught by Dana Robinson and includes 5.5 hour-long video lectures, a DIY credit repair workbook, ebooks, and much more. The course contains 150+ dispute letter templates, a dispute flowchart, and a credit score booster guide.

The course aims to help individuals fix their credit reports and create competent financial success. It teaches individuals how to increase their credit scores, manage old debts, and dispels credit myths. The course provides templates for dispute errors and adverse item correction, alternative methods for handling black marks in credit records, and tips for staying prudent from zombie collectors when in debt.

The course also covers topics such as how credit influences one’s money, the number of credit cards one should have for optimal credit, and the best ways to deal with unexpected late payments. The course includes a lifetime access, easy access on mobile and TV, and a certificate of completion.

The content of the course is fluff-free and has real value. The course is recommended for individuals who are stressed about debt and want to stabilize their credit. The content includes sections on starting the dispute process, working with debt collectors, and raising one’s credit score. The course also covers starting one’s own credit repair business and includes bonus dispute letter templates and advanced dispute letters.

Overall, the #1 Kick A#S Credit Repair Course – Fully Loaded 150+ Letters provides individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve financial success by repairing their credit. The course is authentic, and individuals are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible to take advantage of the benefits it offers.

4. DIY Credit Repair – 2022 Complete With Dispute Letters by Mitch Durfee (Udemy)

The DIY Credit Repair – 2022 Complete With Dispute Letters course is designed to teach individuals how to fix, repair, and leverage their credit. The course is instructed by Mitch Durfee and provides proven strategies that are fast and easy to implement. With the right knowledge and a little bit of time, it is possible to regain trust from creditors, lenders, and renters.

The course covers five key factors that affect credit scores and provides guidance on how to take control and begin repairing and building credit. Additionally, the course teaches students how to achieve an 800+ credit score using the same process taught to hundreds of other students. The course even shows students how to leverage their credit to earn thousands of dollars each year.

The course is a must-have for anyone looking to build a credit rating they can be proud of. It is not too late to start repairing credit, and the course provides guidance on how to do so. The course also warns against being victimized by individuals looking to profit from those in financial trouble and provides information on where to find legitimate help.

The instructor, Mitch Durfee, is a best-selling author with a track record of success. His book 101 Credit Repair Secret helped many readers completely turn their credit around in less than 12 months, with some going on to purchase homes and investment properties or starting their own businesses. The course is broken down into sections, including an introduction, credit, credit score, dispute letters, and best credit cards.

5. Build Better Credit–The Ultimate Credit Score Repair Guide by Laura Adams, MBA (Udemy)

The Build Better Credit course, instructed by Laura Adams, MBA, offers strategies for fast credit repair to raise credit scores, cut costs, and create more financial success. The course provides tools and strategies that professionals use and charge thousands of dollars for. The short course description highlights the benefits of having great credit, such as saving money and being empowered to live financial dreams. The long course description explains that the course puts students on the road to success by helping them understand how the credit game is played and teaching them how to improve their credit scores.

The target audience for the Build Better Credit course is students of all ages and income levels who want to improve their financial lives, reach goals, worry less, and have more freedom. The course offers step-by-step strategies to build and maintain great credit, enabling students to qualify for low-rate credit cards, buy a home or car, rent an apartment, get a job, qualify for a personal loan, and save money on cell phone plans. Students looking for advanced knowledge about how credit affects their financial lives may not find it helpful.

The Build Better Credit course covers everything students need to know about credit repair and keeping excellent credit scores for life. It offers more than 2.5 hours of in-depth video instruction modules, downloadable resources, tools, templates, worksheets, a bonus audio, and a Q&A discussion board to ask questions, share ideas, and receive support. The course is presented in an easy-to-understand format and is up-to-date with no fluff to waste students’ time. The course also provides targeted assignments and reading to complete at students’ own pace, keeping them on track.

Laura Adams, a nationally recognized personal finance expert and award-winning author of multiple books, is the instructor for the Build Better Credit course. She’s the host of the Money Girl Podcast, a top-rated weekly podcast with over 40 million downloads.

6. Credit Repair from A-Z with Letter Templates by Erik Smith (Udemy)

The Course Title is Credit Repair from A-Z with Letter Templates. The Course Instructors is Erik Smith. The Course is about credit repair on your own.

The Course Long Description explains that the course provides an honors class to teach the truth about credit repair. Participants will learn about the many illegal promises made by credit repair companies that give the industry a bad name. The instructor promises to provide all the necessary letters and information needed for credit repair. The company is honest and transparent and available to answer any questions or provide guidance and tips. The email address for assistance is

The 8/18/22 update specifies that the email address for templates and assistance is, rather than and/or, due to recent issues.

The Course Content and Sections include an Introduction that discusses who the company is and how they started.

7. The Credit Repairer’s Guide to Build Credit Scores & Dispute by Will Frazier (Udemy)

The course titled The Credit Repairer’s Guide to Build Credit Scores & Dispute is led by instructor Will Frazier. The course aims to provide a step-by-step plan for individuals to increase their credit scores using the BOOST method. The BOOST method is a 5-stage process designed to improve credit scores in 6+ months, helping individuals get approved by lenders and achieve lower interest rates. The course material is a compilation of information obtained from FICO employees, credit bureau experts, and real-life experience gained from working with credit repair clients over seven years.

The course includes 93 Dispute Letter Library, which contains 93 dispute letter cheat sheets for credit bureaus, collection agencies, original creditors, and special situations. The course is divided into five sections, each of which focuses on a specific aspect of credit repair:

– B – Building Credit: This section teaches individuals how to get approved and use accounts to build credit regardless of credit score.
– O – Outline Credit Reports: This section covers the best places to get credit reports, how to understand them, and how to set credit goals based on lender needs.
– O – Offset Bad Accounts: This section focuses on creating dispute letters with dispute reasons that help increase account deletion percentages.
– S – Stabilizing: This section teaches individuals how to stabilize their credit score when they are past due or have high balances.
– T – seTtle Accounts: This section covers methods for debt cancellation, settlement, and pay for deletion.

The course is designed to be accessible for those who need to fix their credit. The course’s BOOST method is a new and innovative approach to credit repair, and the course materials are easy to follow. The course’s goal is to provide individuals with the tools they need to improve their credit scores and achieve their financial goals.

8. Fix Your Own Credit, You Can Do It! by Justin Staub (Udemy)

The Fix Your Own Credit course, led by Justin Staub, aims to simplify the credit repair process and provide guidance for individuals looking to improve their credit scores. The course is divided into 13 segments, with each section providing clear and concise instructions on how to navigate the often complex and confusing world of credit repair.

Segment 1 provides an introduction to the course, followed by Segment 2 which delves into the credit repair process in more depth. Segment 3 explores the benefits of doing credit repair oneself, while Segment 4 discusses the Credit Repair Organization Act.

In Segment 5, students are taught the first step of the credit repair process – pulling their credit reports. This is followed by Segment 6, which explains the importance of providing proof of identity. Segment 7 focuses on writing an investigation letter, while Segment 8 provides information on dispute procedures.

In Segment 9, the course covers how to negotiate settlement amounts with creditors. Segment 10 explains the statute of limitations and debt repayment, while Segment 11 focuses on dealing with actual collectors. Segment 12 outlines the rules to follow when interacting with collectors.

Finally, in Segment 13, the course concludes by summarizing the key takeaways from dealing with creditors and offering students additional resources to continue their credit repair journey. Throughout the course, students are given quizzes to test their understanding and additional materials to aid their progress.

9. Credit Repair Techniques by Claudette Pendleton (Udemy)

The Credit Repair Techniques course teaches beginners how to improve their credit profile and increase their credit scores. This course is beneficial for those who have had difficulty obtaining credit due to low credit scores. The course includes 12 short video presentations, covering topics such as how to increase credit scores, how to establish a good credit profile, and how to handle old debts and late pays. The course also covers managing credit card balances and services available for debt management. The course is a little over 30 minutes long, and PDF files are available for students to study at their own pace. Students can choose to follow along with the video presentations or print out the materials. This course is recommended for anyone who wants to improve their credit profile and obtain higher credit scores to receive better interest rates on loans or credit cards. The course covers important topics and provides practical tips to manage credit and debt. The course content is divided into four sections: Credit Restoration Basics, Dealing with Debt, Credit Solutions, and Dealing with Past Credit Mistakes. Students will learn valuable information on how to establish and maintain a good credit profile, manage debt, and improve their credit scores.

10. Credit Repair: From Poor Credit Score to Excellent in Weeks by Abigeal Agboola, MBA (Udemy)

The Credit Repair: From Poor Credit Score to Excellent in Weeks course is instructed by Abigeal Agboola, MBA. The short description of the course is Credit Repair 16 Fast Tips, and the long description of the course explains that an excellent credit score can lead to better interest rates and credit terms. It also opens up access to various lenders, which could potentially save thousands of pounds over the life of a loan or mortgage. The course aims to provide learners with practical tips on how to improve their credit score, and it is divided into five main sections.

The first section of the course defines credit score and explains its importance by detailing how it can save money when applying for credit-based services such as mortgages and loans. The second section of the course further explores the significance of improving one’s credit score. In the third section, the course highlights the relevance of credit scores to the buying of properties while the fourth section explores the causes of bad credit. The fifth and final section of the course provides 16 tips on how to improve one’s credit score, which could lead to immediate or gradual changes.

In addition, the course explains that some employers may require an applicant’s credit report to assess their money abilities or potential security risks. The course lecturer reminds learners that they are not a financial adviser, and this lecture is based on research and experience mainly for the UK and US, but can be useful for other countries.

The course content includes an introduction to credit score, an explanation of what credit score is, and how it is calculated. It also features a lecture on the importance of credit score when buying properties and the causes of bad credit. Finally, the course offers tips on how to repair, improve, and maintain an excellent credit score. The course is a draft video, and learners are encouraged to ask questions.