Color Grading Professional Online Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookColor grading is a crucial step in the post-production process of any visual media project. It involves adjusting and enhancing the color and tone of the footage to create the desired mood and aesthetic. With the rise of online learning, there has been an increase in the availability of color grading courses online. This has made it easier for aspiring colorists and professionals alike to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and software. In this article, we will explore some of the best color grading courses available online and their features.

Here’s a look at the Best Color Grading Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Color Grading Professional Online Course

1. Color Grading and Video Editing with Davinci Resolve 18 by AK Media (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Color Grading and Video Editing with DaVinci Resolve 18 course, offered by AK Media, is designed for beginners who wish to learn video editing techniques, color correction, and grading, and visual effects using the free professional video editing application, DaVinci Resolve 18. The course is structured in a step-by-step manner and requires no previous knowledge in DaVinci Resolve 18 or video editing experience. The course starts with an overview of the workflow in DaVinci Resolve 18 and progresses to cover topics such as efficient media organization, creating short videos, assembling multiple clips, fine editing, retiming clips, mastering transitions, creating graphics, and working with advanced tools such as Curves, Qualifiers, and Keys. The course also covers color correction, including Log footage. The course instructor emphasizes hands-on training and provides ample opportunities for students to work on their own video projects. The course includes a bonus section on speeding up the editing process. The course is ideal for individuals looking to edit videos for YouTube channels, family albums, marketing videos, music videos, documentaries, or to start a career as a video editor. Enrolling in the course is a quick and easy process, and students can start video editing right away.

2. Cinematic Color Grading With Premiere Pro 2021 For Beginners by Dhabal Video School (Udemy)

The Cinematic Color Grading With Premiere Pro 2021 For Beginners course, offered by Dhabal Video School, teaches color correction and grading using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2021. The course is designed for beginners looking to enhance the look of their films and advance their careers, particularly those who struggle with color grading. The instructor understands the challenges of the learning process, and the course aims to simplify color grading to achieve a professional cinematic look in minutes.

The course is suitable for students with little to no prior knowledge in video editing. The instructor shares personal experience with switching camera equipment but still not achieving the desired look until color grading was mastered. The recent improvements in Adobe Premiere Pro’s color tools make this course essential for filmmakers, video editors, cinematographers, and Premiere Pro users of all levels.

The demand for video editors is increasing, and the course emphasizes the importance of becoming an expert in the field. The course content includes basic color grading, advanced techniques, live examples, and a conclusion. The live examples section is particularly important, as it showcases how to apply the techniques in real-time. Students are encouraged to enroll and fulfill their dreams of becoming experts in cinematic color grading.

3. Mastering Advanced Color Grading in Photoshop by Marcin Mikus (Udemy)

The Mastering Advanced Color Grading in Photoshop course, instructed by Marcin Mikus, teaches professional color grading techniques in Photoshop to enhance and process the color of images. The course delves deeper into how color affects images and how it can build the atmosphere of an image. Color grading is the process of enhancing and processing the color of an image. Color is an important aspect of photography and storytelling, as it is the content that conveys emotions and feelings.

Colors are the most important part of an image and contain valuable information behind them. As a retoucher, Marcin Mikus believes color is his favorite part of his work. He teaches how to work with colors to evoke strong emotions, make soft images, and create comfortable images for the eyes. The course focuses on real examples of work that have been published in different photography fields such as outdoor photography, studio fashion and beauty, and street fashion photography.

The course is unique because it covers theory and practical application with real examples of published work. The course covers different subjects such as processing raw images, cleaning up portrait images, and choosing color themes that suit the type of photography. The course also teaches advanced techniques in general retouching, selective grading of shadows and highlights, working with complementary color harmony, correcting colors, fixing saturation shifts, and final touch-ups in camera raw.

The course includes a section on street fashion images with different color palettes. The section teaches how to process raw images and work selectively with each color to improve them, how to make colors have a common theme, and how to perform final touch-ups. The course also includes a bonus section on mastering luminosity masks.

The course is divided into different sections, starting with an introduction to the course, followed by processing outdoor and studio images, color grading images, working with colors, and mastering luminosity masks. The course provides an in-depth understanding of color grading techniques, enabling participants to make their images stand out.

4. Color Grading with Da Vinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced by Matthew Falconer (Udemy)

The Color Grading with Da Vinci Resolve: Beginner to Advanced course is designed to help individuals learn professional-grade color grading through hands-on projects and guidance. The course covers the use of Da Vinci Resolve and takes students from a standing start to high-end and professional color grading. The course material is based on real-world projects where the instructor, Matthew Falconer, was paid to provide his labor. He uses these experiences to teach students how to achieve professional, high-end results.

Matthew Falconer is a Blackmagic Design certified trainer in Da Vinci Resolve and has been color grading professionally for over six years. He has produced work for brands such as Unilever, Greggs Bakery, TNT Logistics, Joules, the NHS, the BBC, and Virgin Airlines. He has also delivered drama and factual work for broadcast and web as well as feature films for international distribution.

The instructor’s experience and lack of training when he first started grading led him to create this course. He wants to provide the support and training that he lacked when he was starting out. The course is designed to teach students how to finish their film projects to a higher standard. The course is now in a near-finished state, with plans for one additional bonus module on HDR grading in the future.

The course content and sections include an introduction, the edit panel, the conform, getting a project into Resolve, the scopes, primary grades, secondary grades, the basics of tech, basic delivery for web, real-world projects, LUTs, grading a music video, intermediate node tree, the feature film scene, RED, the full short film, color space and gamma, advanced node tree, color management, the adds, and building a workstation.

The course updates to Resolve version 17 are largely complete, and further updates and re-recorded lectures will be added on a regular basis.

5. Cinematic Color Grading: Making Your Videos Come Alive by Matti Haapoja (Udemy)

The Cinematic Color Grading: Making Your Videos Come Alive course instructed by Matti Haapoja aims to teach professional color correction and grading techniques to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling of videos. The course covers the theory of color grading, usage of relevant tools and techniques, shooting methods for optimal footage, color correction, and grading workflows. Popular programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Davinci Resolve, as well as color wheels, curves, denoisers, scopes, and LUTs, are discussed in the course. The instructor, with over seven years of experience in the film industry, provides tips and tricks on how to color grade films. The course is ideal for filmmakers looking to distinguish their work and increase their market value.

6. Color Grading Masterclass: Resolve 15 by Jonny Von Wallström (Udemy)

The Color Grading Masterclass: Resolve 15 is a course created by award-winning director Jonny Von Wallström. The course aims to teach users how to take their color grading to the next level and become a professional in the field. The course is designed to help users create a cinematic film look, set a style, and tell stronger stories through great grading.

The course consists of a mixture of theory and practical examples that can be applied to projects today. Users will learn about Davinci Resolve, the grading process, grading for clients, calibration, and advanced grading techniques, among other topics. Upon completing the course, users will have a deep understanding of the most useful techniques and tricks to get cinematic looks for their films.

Jonny Von Wallström is an award-winning director who has directed and produced films for channels such as Netflix, Al Jazeera, SVT, UR, MTV, and more. His latest film The Pearl Of Africa premiered in Toronto 2016 and was later sold independently to Netflix. In 2016, he was awarded the PPFA Maggie Award for media excellence in global journalism. He has also won Europe’s best advertising prize Cannes Lion and Swedish Guldagget.

Investing in oneself is crucial when working in a professional field such as film. During his 15 years as a filmmaker, Von Wallström has invested in online courses, books, talks, and workshops. This investment has helped him get to where he is today. If users are not satisfied with the course, they can get a full refund within 30 days.

The course consists of eight sections, including an introduction (theoretical), guide to Resolve 15, guide to Resolve 14 (practical, skip if using Resolve 15), color grading process (practical), grading for clients (theoretical), calibration (theoretical), case study (practical), and advanced grading (practical). The final section includes final words from Von Wallström.

7. Adobe Premiere Pro: Color Grading Masterclass (Updated) by George Katsilidis (Udemy)

This course, titled Adobe Premiere Pro: Color Grading Masterclass (Updated) is focused on teaching color correction and grading concepts using Adobe Premiere Pro. The course is instructed by George Katsilidis and is suitable for filmmakers, video editors, cinematographers, colorists, and Premiere Pro users of all levels. The course structure includes +35 lectures, with a growing curriculum to be updated in the future. Upon completion, students will receive a verifiable certificate of completion.

The course starts with a short introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and its general use, followed by an in-depth explanation of color correction theory, tools, and techniques. The lectures follow a scheme that combines theory and applied knowledge, using examples in sections where Premiere tools are covered. The course teaches how to create cinematic looks similar to Hollywood movies, as well as more advanced grading techniques in Section 6.

In addition to the coursework, students will receive 50 cinematic filters (LUTs) as a bonus on completion of the course. The course covers color science and creativity, combining the science of color with creativity to analyze, fix, and grade images. The combination of these tools, theoretical knowledge, and creativity will provide students with a strong background for applying the knowledge in their professional work.

The content and sections covered in the course include getting started, color management, Lumetri Scopes, the Lumetri Color Panel, more color correction tools, cinematic Hollywood looks, advance techniques, assignments, and conclusion. The final section is devoted to future updates, where new educational material will be uploaded and students will be informed via email.

The course structure is designed to establish a strong understanding of all color correction and grading concepts, as well as the theory behind them. Upon completion, students will be able to apply this knowledge in their videos or films to increase the quality of their work. The course is updated regularly to keep up with the evolving technological advancements in the field of video editing and color grading.

8. Color Grading and Correction with DaVinci Resolve by GetFilming Film School (Udemy)

The Color Grading and Correction with DaVinci Resolve course, offered by GetFilming Film School and taught by professional colorist Rob Bessette, features an eight-part curriculum that covers basic to advanced techniques in color correction and grading. The course highlights the use of the DaVinci Resolve software application from Blackmagic Design, which is widely used in the industry.

Participants can follow the course using the free version of DaVinci Resolve. The curriculum offers a range of topics, such as contrast and color, the color wheel, saturation and intensity, shot analysis, waveform monitors, and vector scopes. Other areas covered include balancing an image using highlights and matching colors using vector scopes and waveforms.

Additionally, the course covers node-based workflow, power windows, motion tracking, and masking techniques. Students will learn how to isolate areas of a clip and stabilize footage, as well as how to fine-tune hues, saturation, and luminance.

The Color Grading and Correction with DaVinci Resolve course is divided into four sections and begins with an introduction and overview of the course. The second section covers workflow and organization, while the third section delves into color correction, power windows, and their controls. The final section covers advanced techniques, such as motion tracking and changing lighting.

9. Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X by Myles Fearnley (Udemy)

The Complete Guide to Colour Grading in Final Cut Pro X course is designed for those who want to take their colour grading skills to the next level in Final Cut Pro. The course instructor, Myles Fearnley, aims to provide a structured approach to colour grading that will help learners achieve professional results. The course includes step-by-step workflows, beginning to end walkthroughs, and foundational knowledge of colour theory and its application in Hollywood.The course covers various topics such as colour correction, cinematic treatment, grading with LUTs, grading without LUTs, and advanced colour techniques. Additionally, learners will gain a solid understanding of the tools and scopes featured in Final Cut Pro, and will be provided with various filming tips to help improve their skills. Discount codes for the course are available on Myles Fearnley’s YouTube channel’s recent videos Shot by Myles. The instructor also promises to keep the course updated and build on it over time. The course is downloadable and contains everything needed for professional results on the latest 2019 release of Final Cut Pro. The course aims to resolve common issues faced by learners, such as conflicting online tutorials, unnatural skin tones, and the application of LUTs. The instructor states that this is all the knowledge he wishes he had known when he started out with video. The course is suitable for beginners to pros, and the instructor hopes to see many learners in the course.

10. Complete Color Grading & Color Correction in DaVinci Resolve by Kashif A., Abdullah A. (Udemy)

This course, titled Complete Color Grading & Color Correction in DaVinci Resolve, is taught by instructors Kashif A. and Abdullah A. It is a masterclass on color grading and correction using DaVinci Resolve 15 & 16, with easy-to-follow tutorials. The course is designed to help students achieve professional-level color correction and grading in their video productions using DaVinci Resolve.

The course includes practice files for students to follow along and learn by doing. It is taught using DaVinci Resolve 16, but can also be applied to previous or newer versions of the software. The instructors are highly qualified and experienced, with top-rated courses and positive reviews.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including the interface of the Color page in DaVinci Resolve, starting a project, importing videos, workflow for color correction and grading, concept of nodes, types of nodes and how to use them, scopes, color wheels, curves, qualifiers, tracker, power windows, editing green screen footage, exporting videos, and much more.

As a bonus, students receive supplemental video clips to practice with. By the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of color correction and grading in DaVinci Resolve, and will be confident in their ability to use the software for fun or as a career opportunity.

Overall, this course is a comprehensive guide to color correction and grading using DaVinci Resolve, and is suitable for both amateur and professional video makers.