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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookLearning a new language is a challenge that requires dedication and effort, but with the availability of online courses, it has become more convenient and accessible. The Thai language, with its complex alphabet and tonal system, can be especially challenging for non-native speakers. To assist those interested in acquiring proficiency in Thai, numerous online language courses have been developed. These courses offer a range of features, such as interactive lessons, audio and video content, quizzes, and more. This article explores some of the best Thai language courses available online, highlighting their features and benefits to help learners choose the most suitable option for their needs.

Here’s a look at the Best Thai Language Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Compare Online Thai Language Course

1. Learn Most Common Thai For Travelling. In Just 40 Minutes! by (Bo)Siripa Aruenpong (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

Course Title: Learn Most Common Thai for Travelling in Just 40 Minutes!Course Instructors: (Bo)Siripa AruenpongCourse Short Description: This course aims to help beginners or travelers visiting Thailand, regardless of their length of stay, to learn practical Thai in just 40 minutes.Course Long Description: The course covers essential phrases in basic and practical Thai language used in daily life. Each sentence is explained word by word to aid understanding. The course focuses on common topics and daily situations that one may encounter while traveling or staying in Thailand. The aim is to provide a shortcut to learning how to speak basic Thai with confidence to Thai people, thus making the trip more enjoyable. Learning Thai can be fun, especially when understood by locals. The course comprises of an Introduction, Number 21-100-1000-10,000 -100,000 – Million, and Today’s Date sections. In the Introduction section, the presenter introduces the course and provides an overview of the content. The Number 21-100-1000-10,000 -100,000 – Million section covers essential numbers that are commonly used in Thailand. The Today’s Date section provides guidance on how to express dates in Thai. Overall, this course is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills to communicate in basic Thai language with ease. Thank you for your support, and good luck with your learning journey.

2. Speak Thai from Day One – A Complete Beginner’s Course by Jantawee Supha (Udemy)

The Speak Thai from Day One – A Complete Beginner’s Course is designed to help those with no prior knowledge of Thai to start developing their language skills with confidence. The course covers everything needed to start speaking Thai, including basic greetings and expressions, correct pronunciation, understanding Thai script, and having real conversations using simple sentence structures. With an emphasis on boosting students’ confidence and helping them reach fluency faster, the course also covers common beginner problems and provides guidance and support throughout the learning process. The course is divided into sections focusing on Thai language basics, pronunciation, conversation, counting, greetings, and getting to know people.

3. Learn Thai for Beginners: The Ultimate 105-Lesson Course by Innovative Language (Udemy)

The Innovative Language Course offers the Learn Thai for Beginners: The Ultimate 105-Lesson Course, which aims to teach Thai language to beginners in minutes. The course provides 105 video lessons created by real teachers that guide students through the language step-by-step. The lessons cover reading, writing, and speaking. Learners will also have access to lesson transcripts and vocabulary lists.

The course begins with the Introduction to Thai video series, which aims to teach the basics of the Thai language, including grammar, writing, and phrases for communication. The Thai Alphabet Made Easy video series is designed to teach the Thai alphabet, with simple steps, proper usage, and helpful tricks for memorization. The Ultimate Thai Pronunciation Guide video series aims to teach the nuances of perfect Thai pronunciation and how to avoid common mistakes.

The Learn Thai in Three Minutes video series is a 25-lesson course that teaches basic Thai conversation skills. It covers must-know phrases like Do you speak English? and Hello, my name is…, and also provides special tips on how to interact with native Thai speakers. The Thai Listening Comprehension for Absolute Beginners video series is designed to improve learners’ listening skills, and the Thai Listening Comprehension for Beginners video series is intended for those looking to reach a beginner level or improve their listening skills.

By the end of the course, beginners will be able to hold basic Thai conversations, read and write in Thai and have a better understanding of the language. The course is broken down into six parts and is the ultimate starting point for any beginner who wants to learn Thai in a fast, easy, and fun way.

4. Thai Language Course: learn to read and write Thai by Jack Soda (Udemy)

The Thai Language Course titled Learn to Read and Write Thai is designed to improve the reading and writing skills of individuals interested in learning the Thai language. The comprehensive course is suitable for beginners, and emphasizes the importance of reading as a means to enhance vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills.

The course covers a range of topics, including Thai consonants and vowels, blending of initial consonant and vowel, final consonants, Thai tones, consonant clusters and leading consonants, special symbols, and exercises. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to recognize and produce character sounds, letter combinations, and tones, as well as read words with final consonants, and identify tone marks and tone rules.

The course includes a downloadable e-book, specifically created for the course, which is 99 pages in length. The 11-hour online course offers convenience and flexibility, enabling students to learn Thai from anywhere and at any time.

Overall, the Thai Language Course provides a structured approach to language learning, offering students the opportunity to develop their skills and achieve their language goals. The course is instructed by Jack Soda, and the course content is divided into sections, including an introduction, exercises, and various components of Thai language learning.

5. Thai Language Words, Phrases & Pronunciation Easy Course by Thai Languages (Udemy)

The course titled Thai Language Words, Phrases & Pronunciation Easy Course is designed for beginner-level students seeking to improve their understanding of the Thai language. The course is taught by native Thai speakers and provides on-screen English and Thai translations of dozens of commonly used words, phrases, and basic grammar rules.

The course covers the 44 letters of the Thai alphabet, introduced in 2015, in addition to a video about the history and culture of the Thai language. The lessons can be taken in any order, and students are encouraged to review the material until they feel comfortable with the content. The course can be completed in under an hour, but additional review is recommended.

The course includes adjectives, basic and useful phrases, common short questions, direction, easy and useful verbs, fun sentences, greeting, how to ask questions or make negative phrases, locations, movement, and a section on the Thai alphabet, history, and other information.

The course is comprehensive, and additional bonus items and materials are being prepared for enrolled students.

6. Learn To Read Thai & Impress Your Friends! by Jan Baars (Udemy)

The course Learn To Read Thai & Impress Your Friends! is led by Jan Baars and aims to teach participants how to read Thai within two weeks. The course description highlights the benefits of learning to read Thai, including improved language skills and the ability to better understand Thai symbols commonly found in everyday situations.

The course promises to help individuals read Thai symbols and understand their meaning, which can be useful when ordering food, reading Facebook posts, and navigating the streets in Thailand. Additionally, participants can impress their friends by writing their orders in Thai and speaking the language more fluently.

The course is divided into several sections, including an introduction, mid-class consonants, tone markers, high-class consonants, low-class consonants, vowels, and an overview of other important concepts. The course places a strong emphasis on pronunciation and concludes with a final section.

7. Ultimate Thai language for starters by Teacher Fam (Udemy)

The Ultimate Thai Language for Starters course, taught by Teacher Fam, aims to help learners master essential basic Thai language skills within an hour. The course was developed to address the common challenges faced by students in learning the Thai language due to time constraints and other limitations. Throughout the course, learners will be guided through step-by-step instruction and activities to ensure that they understand the context and usage of the language.

The course was designed to save learners time and money by using the most important information and topics to create the fastest and easiest basic Thai course. Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to use Thai polite particles correctly, speak Thai using basic expressions, count from 0 to 100 in Thai, recognize Thai tones, introduce themselves in Thai, and ask Thai people for support in their learning.

The course includes several sections, including an introduction to the Thai language, basic Thai expressions, polite particles, tones and numbers, numbers 11 to 100, introducing oneself, and five Thai phrases to help learners learn the language faster. By completing this course, learners can expect to improve their Thai language abilities and save time in the process.

8. Thai Language : Learn to Speak Thai With Confidence by Jack Soda (Udemy)

The Thai Language: Learn to Speak Thai With Confidence course is offered by instructor Jack Soda. The course aims to provide easy and fun ways to begin speaking Thai. The online course can be accessed from anywhere with internet connection and is available for all those interested in learning Thai.

Throughout this course, learners will be introduced to Thai phrases that are commonly used in everyday conversations. These phrases include greetings, introductions, shopping, asking for directions, ordering food, and discussing the weather. Additionally, learners will understand sentence structures, learn correct pronunciation, and acquire new vocabulary to improve communication.

Learning Thai is similar to learning any other language, and the course encourages an open mind to facilitate learning. Practicing each module will help learners become more comfortable using Thai in everyday communication. The course is structured to cover greetings and introductions, counting, telling date and time, colors, weather, directions, food, travel, shopping, and health.

9. Learn to Read Thai, Taught by an American Guy by Kellen James (Udemy)

This course, titled Learn to Read Thai, is taught by an American instructor named Kellen James. The course aims to teach learners to read Thai efficiently from a native English speaker. According to the course’s long description, it is considered as the best course to learn how to read Thai, as evidenced by the reviews. The course is designed to make the process of learning how to read Thai simpler and easier for learners. With the help of the instructor, learners can begin to read Thai in an efficient manner within four hours. They will also be provided with a free cheat sheet that can help them read 75% of all written Thai. The course is meant to be a stepping stone for learners to understand the concepts of reading Thai at a faster pace than most Thai teachers and for a fraction of the cost. Learning how to read Thai can make learning the language as a whole much easier. Unlike English and other languages, Thai consonants and vowels always make the same sound. This feature of the Thai language makes it easier for learners to pronounce new words correctly once they know how to read and write Thai. The instructor recommends spelling out new vocab words in Thai to know the exact pronunciation. It is important to note that learning Thai is not easy, and this course aims to help learners understand the concepts taught in English by a native English speaker. The instructor suggests that since Thais begin learning English from a native Thai speaker, learners should start learning Thai from a native English speaker. The course is only available on Udemy, and any other websites offering similar courses are not affiliated with this course. The course content includes a section called How good is my Thai? where learners can gauge their learning progress.

10. Thai Crash Course For Beginners by (Bo)Siripa Aruenpong (Udemy)

Course Title: Thai Crash Course For Beginners

Course Instructors: (Bo)Siripa Aruenpong

Course Short Description: This course provides an ultimate and complete crash course in Thai to help beginners start off with excitement and confidence in speaking Thai.

Course Long Description: The process of learning Thai can be overwhelming and difficult without guidance. However, this course offers the most practical and easiest way of learning Thai. The instructor is passionate about seeing students speak Thai with excitement and confidence. The key to enjoying and having fun while interacting with Thai people is being able to converse with them.

This course is an ideal option for anyone interested in speaking practical and day-to-day Thai language. It includes situations, questions, or problems that one is likely to encounter while staying in Thailand. The course is designed to be useful for those traveling to Thailand, and the lessons aim to make the stay enjoyable and fun.