Coupon Code For Science Of Energy Healing Online Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookEnergy healing is a holistic approach to wellness that involves the manipulation of a person’s natural energy fields to bring about healing and balance. While there are numerous ways to learn energy healing techniques, online courses have become a popular option for many individuals seeking to improve their understanding and practice of these methods. With the abundance of online courses available, selecting the best option can be a daunting task. In this article, we will explore some of the key features to consider when evaluating the quality of energy healing courses offered online.

Here’s a look at the Best Energy Healing Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Coupon Code For Science Of Energy Healing Online Course

1. Reiki Level I, II and Master Certification – Energy Healing by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Reiki Level I, II, and Master Certification course is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills to become a certified Usui Reiki Practitioner. The course is led by Melissa Crowhurst, and it aims to equip learners with the ability to heal themselves, family, friends, clients, and pets through energy healing.Course content is divided into 13 chapters, beginning with the course introduction. Chapter one focuses on the basics, while chapter two delves deeper into feeling Reiki. Chapter three covers preparation, and the wrap-up for Reiki Level 1 comes after.Chapter four introduces the symbols, followed by chapter five on chakras. Chapter six prepares learners for the attunements, which are covered in chapters seven and eight. Chapter nine focuses on other healing attunements, and the wrap-up for Reiki Level 2 & Master comes after.Chapter ten provides information on using crystals in Reiki, and chapter 11 centers on spiritual growth. Chapter 12 offers guidance on starting a Reiki business, and chapter 13 covers vital information that learners should note. The course ends with the Namaste and Course Completion section.

2. Your 7 Chakras : The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body by James Seriph (Udemy)

The course Your 7 Chakras: The Complete Guide to Your Energy Body is designed to help students understand their chakras, energy bodies, and learn to heal areas of their lives that need attention. The course is taught by James Seriph, and focuses on deeper understanding of self, increased control over one’s life, and healing wounds and blocks. The course content will also help students gain an appreciation for themselves and others.

The course explains that individuals have more than a physical body, they also have an energy body that determines how they feel, how others respond to them, and creates their reality. By taking the Indian wisdom of the 7 chakras and applying it practically, students can gain a greater level of self-mastery, develop inner healing abilities, and understand the connection between the health of their energetic body and their reality.

The course is a master class that includes over 7 hours of HD video content. It is intended for individuals who are excited about developing self-mastery and inner healing abilities. The course is designed to be highly entertaining, as the instructor delivers content in an engaging and often irreverent style that contrasts with traditional spiritual teachers.

The course is divided into 8 sections that cover the Introduction, Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra. Each section offers practical knowledge and strategies to help students heal blockages, regain balance in areas of their life that need attention, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

The course concludes with a recap of the content covered throughout the course. Overall, the course offers a practical, engaging, and informative way to understand the deeper secrets of who you are, control your life, and heal wounds and blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.

3. The Art of Energy Healing by James Seriph (Udemy)

The Art of Energy Healing Course, instructed by James Seriph, offers a step-by-step system to teach energy healing to anyone, regardless of experience. The course provides an in-depth understanding of different types of energy used in healing, guiding students through short and long sessions with action guides. The course is suitable for those seeking personal healing and those interested in starting an energy healing practice. The course aims to inspire and educate students in a down-to-earth, humorous way based on what works.

The course emphasizes the extraordinary healing potential within all individuals, particularly in these tumultuous times, where utilizing life-giving energy for the betterment of humanity is essential. Individuals who have practiced Reiki can enhance their understanding and develop a more creative approach to healing clients. Students are also invited to join a private Facebook community dedicated to developing this emerging practice.

Prior knowledge of chakras is recommended before taking the course, and if needed, students can take one of the instructor’s free or paid courses on the chakra system.

The course content includes various sections, such as mindsets and preparation, mechanics and techniques, and two practice sessions – The Dust Off and The Full Session.

Overall, The Art of Energy Healing Course provides a comprehensive and accessible approach to energy healing that can benefit both personal healing and professional practice.

4. Reiki Space Clearing Certification – Energy Healing a Place by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The Reiki Space Clearing Certification – Energy Healing a Place course, led by instructor Melissa Crowhurst, offers a comprehensive guide to clearing negative energy in various spaces. This course provides methods to clear energy in personal spaces, as well as the spaces of others.

The course is divided into eleven chapters, beginning with an introduction to the topic. The next two chapters cover the fundamentals of Reiki energy healing and the energy field. Chapter three delves into the concept of space clearing, discussing its definition and purpose. The anatomy of a place is explored in chapter four.

Chapter five provides techniques for clearing energy in different life situations based on the Bagua map. The course also covers other tools and preparation methods, including the use of crystals and essential oils. Chapter seven outlines the actual steps of space clearing, while chapter eight covers aftercare.

The course concludes with a discussion on helping others and a FAQ section. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate.

5. Energy Healing Hand Positions Mudra Course Certification by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The Energy Healing Hand Positions Mudra Course Certification Course is designed to teach participants how to access the healing power of mudras, ultimately helping themselves and others. The course is led by Melissa Crowhurst.

The course begins with an Introduction, which is followed by nine chapters. Chapter 1 focuses on Melissa’s first mudra, while Chapter 2 delves into internal communication. Chapter 3 covers energy and chakras, and Chapter 4 covers the basics of mudras. Chapter 5 explores the Chakra Mudras, while Chapter 6 focuses on more hand mudras. Chapter 7 is dedicated to helping others, while Chapter 8 offers insights on self-care and FAQs. Finally, Chapter 9 concludes the course with a thank you.

By the end of the course, participants will have a solid understanding of mudras and how they can be used for energy healing purposes. They will receive a certificate of completion once they complete the course.

6. The Definitive Guide To Energy Healing & The Chakra System by Julian Jenkins (Udemy)

The course is titled The Definitive Guide To Energy Healing & The Chakra System and is instructed by Julian Jenkins. The course aims to help individuals understand energy healing through their chakra system and become healers to assist others and themselves in leading healthy lives. The course is certified and a personal certificate will be issued upon completion. The course has received high ratings due to its content being delivered from the divine via the instructor’s spiritual guides.

The course teaches participants how to work with spirit in an authentic and intuitive way to develop psychic mediumship while understanding the spiritual connection and using the energy to balance and resonate the chakras with the earth’s own force. The course is designed to help individuals work within themselves and help others, and is ideal for those looking for a healing course based around energy and spirit. All the courses are channeled from the spirit and are unedited to enhance the spiritual experience.

Participants can expect to unlock health and happiness through the course and have access to an extensive ebook for further guidance. The course has received positive reviews from Mary and Amy, who found it practical and informative, and liked the chakra meditation in section three. The course covers several topics such as chakra spiritual healing, chakra healing meditation music, intuitive spiritual chakra assessment, and much more. It also includes a bonus lecture and meditation music.

7. 7 Master Glands Purification and Activation part 1 by Demian Haye Magic Vibrations Healing (Udemy)

The course titled 7 Master Glands Purification and Activation part 1 is instructed by Demian Haye of Magic Vibrations Healing. The course’s short description states that it teaches powerful DNA activation codes to purify and activate the 7 Master Glands to 3 levels. Throughout the course, students will learn about the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenal, and sexual glands.

The course’s long description explains that students will repeat DNA activation codes from higher guidance, which are specific sounds or phonic triggers designed to purify and activate each gland. The 3 levels of activation increase the radiance and energetic field of each gland, leading students on a journey of purification and activation of the whole body that will upgrade their ability to handle the current energy shift. Additionally, this practice will clear ancestral lineage, emotional body, increase immunity, and balance the hormonal system.

The course provides an easy but powerful practice that can be added to student’s own routine, and it will uplift their consciousness to an all-new level. Successful completion of this course is a prerequisite for the 7 Master Glands Activation part 2. The course includes an introduction, the 7 Master Glands Purification and Activation Codes, and a conclusion.

8. Energy Healing with Colour and Art Certificate Course by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The Energy Healing with Colour and Art Certificate Course is a beginner-friendly program designed to teach colour energy healing methods. The course is instructed by Melissa Crowhurst and offers 13 meditations in MP3 format, along with a certificate upon completion.

The course is divided into ten sections, starting with an introduction to energy healing. Chapter one provides an overview of energy healing, followed by chapter two which focuses on the use of colours in healing. Chapter three explores the chakra colours, while chapter four discusses various colour healing methods.

Chapter five provides an overview of the steps involved in colour healing. Chapter six delves into the use of artistic expression in healing, while chapter seven covers interpretation and re-energising. Chapter eight focuses on how to help others with colour healing, followed by chapter nine, which covers taking care and FAQs.

The course concludes with chapter ten, which provides optional certification for those who complete the course. Overall, the Energy Healing with Colour and Art Certificate Course is a comprehensive program that covers various aspects of energy healing using colours and art, making it an easy and enjoyable learning experience.


Heart Centered Reiki Certification – Grand Master Teacher is an online course offered by instructor Leslie Paramore. The course aims to teach students how to channel Reiki energy to past, present, future, ancestors, situations, and karma using Reiki symbols. Students who complete the course will receive a free personal Heart Centered Reiki Master Teacher Certificate.

10. Learn How to Protect & Restore Yourself from Negative Energy by Melissa Crowhurst (Udemy)

The course titled Learn How to Protect & Restore Yourself from Negative Energy is designed for Reiki practitioners, energy healers, empaths, healthcare workers, and individuals experiencing daily stress. The instructor, Melissa Crowhurst, has developed techniques over several years to protect herself from negative energy while performing healing sessions and student attunement ceremonies. These techniques have been compiled and shared in this course to help individuals preserve and restore their energy levels.

The course covers topics such as understanding energy, engaging and listening to intuition, identifying sources of negativity, using specific tools and techniques for protection, and restoring energy. Enrolled students will receive a 100+ page handbook (PDF), helpful worksheets (PDF), and practice audios (MP3) for offline use. Completion of the course does not qualify graduates in any particular type of healing modality but rather delves into the energetic protection component of life.

The course is organized into seven chapters, with the first two chapters providing an introduction and discussing the energy context. Chapters three and four cover the preparation steps, while chapter five explains the various components of energetic protection. Chapter six provides a step-by-step guide to energetic protection, and chapter seven discusses sending protection. The course concludes with a FAQ section and course completion.

Existing students and graduates may find some crossover in certain sections, but the protection material in this course goes deeper and includes new helpful content. Overall, this course offers individuals the skills to safeguard their healing gifts and energy levels, which can be implemented in daily life.