Rhino 3D For Architects Online Course

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Close up iPhone showing Udemy application and laptop with notebookRhino 3D is a popular computer-aided design (CAD) software used extensively in various industries for creating 3D models and designs. As with any software, mastering Rhino 3D requires training and practice. Fortunately, there are several online courses available that can provide the necessary training to improve one’s Rhino 3D skills. This article aims to review some of the best online Rhino 3D courses available, their features, and benefits, to help readers make an informed decision about which course to choose.

Here’s a look at the Best Rhino 3D Courses and Certifications Online and what they have to offer for you!

Rhino 3D For Architects Online Course

1. Rhino 3D ( any version ) Beginner Level to Advanced Level by Alexandre Galin (Udemy) (Our Best Pick)

The Rhino 3D course offers beginner to advanced level instruction on using Rhinoceros 3D. The instructor, Alexandre Galin, has been teaching Rhino for 7 years at the university level and has 20 years of experience using Rhino. The course consists of 10 weeks of 2.5-hour lectures, with regularly updated videos available for students. The course starts with an introduction to Rhino 3D and basic 2D and 3D tools. From there, students will learn how to modify surfaces and render with both basic Rhino render and industry standard rendering plug-ins. The course also covers fixing corrupted surfaces from imported files and principles of reverse engineering techniques based on a scanned clay model. Each week includes downloadable materials for assignments and exercises. While the tutorials are done on the v5 version of Rhino, students using the V6 version should have no problems following along. Additionally, the instructor regularly communicates with students on Facebook and provides additional exercises. The course content is organized into sections for each week, with additional exercises and a section on Rhino V6. The final week covers advanced level instruction in Rhino 3D. Materials for each week’s assignments and exercises are available for download. Overall, the Rhino 3D course provides comprehensive instruction for those interested in transportation and product design, as well as industrial designers, architects, engineers, and hobbyists.

2. Designing with Rhino 3D for Beginners by Leandro Rolon (Udemy)

The Designing with Rhino 3D for Beginners course is designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of the powerful 3D modeling software, Rhino 3D. The course is suitable for designers, engineers, and artists who are looking to learn the essentials of 3D modeling with Rhino. The course instructor, Leandro Rolon, is an experienced architect and designer who has been teaching Rhino 3D for over 10 years.

The course is designed to get students excited about 3D modeling and to help them quickly create 3-dimensional creations. Students will learn various tools for modeling and will be able to learn more advanced levels of modeling in just a matter of hours. The course is suitable for anyone with little to no experience with Rhino and is intended for students or professionals in various fields, such as Architecture, Product Design, Jewelry Design, Furniture Design, Automotive Design, etc.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to apply 3D thinking to their projects and generate 3-dimensional models for production purposes, including visualization and prototyping. The course is divided into several sections, including Introduction, Becoming Familiar with Rhino 3, Lightning Rounds, Surface Editing & Working with Layers, Additional Resources, and Course Summary.

Overall, the Designing with Rhino 3D for Beginners course is an excellent option for anyone looking to expand their 3D modeling skills. The course is taught by an experienced instructor, and the fast-track teaching method ensures that students can quickly and efficiently learn the essentials of Rhino 3D.

3. Jewellery Design in Rhino by Hamed Arab (Udemy)

The Jewellery Design in Rhino course, taught by Hamed Arab, provides fundamental techniques for designing jewellery using Rhino 3D CAD software. The course covers the necessary skills to become a CAD designer, including converting sketches to 3D models and utilizing 3D printers and casting to bring designs to life. Activities within the course allow for practical application of materials and skills that can influence future employers and clients. The course is suitable for those without prior jewellery or CAD modelling experience, as it explains the necessary jewellery techniques for creating castable 3D models.

The course is broken down into several sections, beginning with an introduction and getting started guide. The course then progresses through several projects, including creating a wedding ring, a snowflake pendant, a flush setting ring, a butterfly pendant with claw setting, an eternity princess band with channel setting, and a solitaire ring. The course also covers how to design a signet ring in Rhino, and offers tips and tricks for refining designs. A bonus section is also included.

Overall, the Jewellery Design in Rhino course provides a thorough introduction to designing jewellery using Rhino 3D CAD software. The course is suitable for beginners and those without prior experience, covering the basic techniques necessary for creating castable 3D models of jewellery. The practical projects and activities within the course allow for hands-on learning, and the tips and tricks section provides additional guidance for refining designs.

4. Rhino 3D tutorials with Rhino V6 ( updated version ) by Alexandre Galin (Udemy)

Course Title: Rhino 3D Tutorials with Rhino V6 (Updated Version)

Course Instructors: Alexandre Galin

Course Short Description: This course is the updated version of the best-selling Rhino 3D tutorials V5 & V6 Beginner Level to Advanced Level.

Course Long Description: Rhino 3D V6 is a powerful 3D modeling software tool that has been gaining popularity among designers and architects worldwide. This course offers a comprehensive overview of Rhino 3D V6, from beginner to advanced level. Instructors will provide new insights and practical tips for using Rhino 3D V6 version on both Mac and Windows platforms.

Section 1: Getting Started with Rhino 3D V6 (Introduction to the Interface, Navigation, and Basic Tools)

Section 2: Creating and Editing Objects (Curve Tools, Surface Tools, Solids and Polysurfaces, and Meshes)

Section 3: Advanced Modeling Techniques (Modeling with Precision, Deformations, Organic Shapes, Textures, and Materials)

Section 4: Rendering and Animation (Creating Stunning Visuals, Animating Objects, and Exporting Your Work)

Whether you are a new or experienced user of Rhino 3D V6, this course will help you to develop your skills and take your modeling to the next level. The instructors have a wealth of knowledge and experience with Rhino 3D, and they will help you to master this powerful tool.

5. Surfacing a Datsun 240Z with Rhino 3D ( V6 or V5 ) Level 2 by Alexandre Galin (Udemy)

Course Title: Surfacing a Datsun 240Z with Rhino 3D (V6 or V5) Level 2

Course Instructors: Alexandre Galin

Course Short Description: This is a Level 2 design class from Rhino 3D Tutorials.

Course Long Description: The Level 2 course is an in-depth lesson on creating surfaces using Datsun 240 Z as a subject. This course is recommended for users who are already familiar with Rhino 3D’s working environment and tools. The course explores surfacing using Rhino V6, while V5 users can also follow along. The rendering will be accomplished using Rhino Render Cycles and Vray for Rhino (Vray 3.4 or later).

Course Content and Sections:

6. Rhino 3D V6 : Supermarine Spitfire Level 2 by Alexandre Galin (Udemy)

Course Title: Rhino 3D V6 : Supermarine Spitfire Level 2
Course Instructors: Alexandre Galin

This course focuses on freeform surfacing techniques using Rhino V6 to create a model of the Supermarine Spitfire, a WW2 aircraft. The course is intended for intermediate and above level users. Those with a Rhino V5 license can also follow along. The course consists of 50 lessons that are delivered through video tutorials.

The tutorials are designed to guide the user through the process of creating a model of the Spitfire in Rhino 3D. The lessons cover surfacing, texturing, and rendering techniques using Rhino V6. Each lesson builds on the previous one to provide a comprehensive learning experience.

The course is divided into two main sections: the introduction and the main course content. The introduction provides an overview of the course and what the user can expect to learn. It also includes an introductory video to give the user a preview of the course.

The main course content consists of 50 lessons that are divided into different sections. Each section covers a specific aspect of modeling the Spitfire using Rhino V6. The lessons are delivered through video tutorials that are easy to follow and understand. The user can work at their own pace and go back and review any lesson they need to.

Overall, this course is an excellent resource for anyone looking to develop their freeform surfacing skills using Rhino V6. The step-by-step tutorials are easy to follow, and the course covers all the necessary tools and techniques needed to create a model of the Spitfire.

7. Surfacing with Rhino V7 using Subdivision and NURBS surfaces by Alexandre Galin (Udemy)

The Surfacing with Rhino V7 using Subdivision and NURBS surfaces course, led by Alexandre Galin, is offered at both Level 1 and Level 2. The course focuses on the latest features in Rhino 3D version 7, including subdivision surfacing tools and NURBS tools for making hard surfaces. Participants will learn to create clean results, including seat cushions, using best practices. Additionally, students will learn how to create basic Rhino materials and explore the new PBR materials. Background images are provided as reference files to download and follow along. This course is suitable for beginners and intermediate-level students, but no prerequisites are required. The 8-hour and 33-minute course is intended for engineers, industrial designers, interior designers, architects, and hobbyists. A free trial of Rhino V7 is available on the Rhino 3D official website. The course is divided into an Introduction and several sections.

8. Introduction to Jewellery CAD with Rhino 3D by Aaron Clark (Udemy)

The Introduction to Jewellery CAD with Rhino 3D course is an in-depth and practical online tutorial designed to teach beginners fundamental skills required for producing 3D designs using Rhino 3D, an industry-standard design software. The course is project-based, allowing participants to apply their new skills to real 3D designs immediately, and project files are included to prevent them from getting stuck. The instructor has also included additional assets such as a round cut gem, cushion cut gem, princess cut gem, pear cut gem, marquise cut gem, baguette cut gem, emerald cut gem, and oval cut gem to be used in participants’ projects.

The course instructor, Aaron Clark, explains why Rhino 3D is the best choice for beginners and experts due to its ease of use, accessible price point, and widespread adoption. The course starts super simple to accommodate participants with little or no experience. The online tutorials are clear, easy to follow, and offer great value for money. The course contains 13 sections covering various topics such as exploring Rhino 3D, 2D drawing with lines, arcs and curves, 3D modeling simple rings, pendant, and earring design, creating a cushion halo ring, customizing Rhino, troubleshooting common issues, rendering, creating a twisted wire ring with History, and creating a 3-stone ring.

The course has received positive feedback from students who praised the instructor’s clear and precise teaching skills. Some students even compared the course favorably with other classes they had taken, saying that the instructor’s lessons were planned, and he understood that he was dealing with beginners. Overall, this course is suitable for anyone wanting to CAD design jewelry using Rhino 3D, and the lessons may benefit beginner to seasoned modelers.

9. Rhino Beginner to Advanced Fast Track 3D Modelling by Brennan Israele (Udemy)

The Rhino Beginner to Advanced Fast Track 3D Modelling Course is designed to teach students the essentials and complete structure of 3D modeling with Rhinoceros program. This course is suitable for individuals with zero or low familiarity of 3D modeling in rhino to an advanced level in the technique of modeling in just a matter of hours. The course is structured into four main categories: Introduction, Becoming Familiar with Rhino, Modelling a House – 2D and 3D Construction, and Representation and Exporting of 3D Models.The Introduction section provides a precise overview of how the course is organized, what will be covered, and getting to know the instructor. The Becoming Familiar with Rhino section ensures a complete understanding of Rhino’s main default menu, which includes many tab configurations, side bars and panels, viewports, properties, etc… The idea is to give an overview of how the Rhinoceros program organizes all of it’s functions and commands.The Modelling a House – 2D and 3D Construction section goes through the process of modeling a house in 2D and 3D, with all of the key elements that an architectural construction requires. This includes foundations, plinth beams, subfloor concrete and ground levels, inner and outer walls, access points, beams, slabs, ceilings, roofs, windows openings, and exterior features. At the end of this section, the user will have a complete understanding of the different techniques and methods to model a house from scratch.The Representation and Exporting of 3D Models section emphasizes teaching the user the most precise, accurate, rigorous, and interesting ways one can show, export, or present a final product. This section will go through different methods of representation which include 2D line drawings (from a variety of different perspectives) and 3D model rendered representations.

10. Rhino 3D V6 : designing a catapult Level 1 by Alexandre Galin (Udemy)

Course Title: Rhino 3D V6: Designing a Catapult Level 1
Course Instructors: Alexandre Galin

Course Short Description:
The course aims to teach the participants how to design and build their own desktop catapult using Rhino V6.

Course Long Description:
The Rhino V6 beginner’s tutorial video will guide the participants on how to design and build their own catapult. The course covers the Rhino environment and explains how to navigate and familiarize oneself quickly with a specific project. By the end of this tutorial, the participants will gain a good understanding of using the most common Rhino functions, as well as preparing their 3D files for prototyping.

Course Content and Sections:
Download the course before starting the lessons by adding $0. The course consists of the following sections:

1. Introduction: This section provides an overview of the course and its objectives.

2. Rhino Environment: This section explains the Rhino environment and how to navigate through it.

3. Designing the Catapult: This section explains the process of designing the catapult using Rhino V6.

4. Building the Catapult: This section explains how to build the catapult.

5. Preparing the 3D Files for Prototyping: This section explains the process of preparing 3D files for prototyping.

The course is suitable for beginners who have no prior knowledge of Rhino. The course is self-paced, and participants can download the course material and start learning at their convenience.