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mountain bikingMountain Bike Racing in the La Ventana Classic

La Ventana is a Mtn Bikers Paradise – Loaded with ocean view desert trails that vary from fireroads to aggressive single track – this desert riding mecca offers something for riders of all skill levels.

The La Ventana Classic will have 3 days of racing for mtn bikers with one race a day
Races will start and  finish at the Hotsprings Beach event site


  • Jan 15 Registration and Welcome Party at Palapas Ventana 7pm
  • Sat Jan 19 MTB ENDURO RACE starts at 10 am
  • Sun Jan 20 MTB 10K Race starts at 10 am followed by the GO SLOW RACE (costumes required) at noon!!




will be held on Saturday Jan 19. Racing will start at 10:00am It will take approximately 12 minutes to ride the course. You will be allowed to do multiple attempts to better your time. The ride from the Hot Springs Beach to the start of the enduro race takes about 25 minutes. 

Here is the Strava map. You can find the segment on Strava as La Ventana Classic Enduro. 

La Ventana Classic Enduro course compressed

Here is the Relive playback.

The 10 km race will be held sunday Jan 20th and will follow the Chilochill Triathlon route. To see the Strava segment search for ¨Chilochill 10 k¨. Fast riders are doing the route in about 45 minutes.
will be held on  Sun Jan 20th at noon The course will be six - three foot wide lanes approximately 100 feet long.  Riders will be allowed multiple attempts to win a heat.
The rules are as follows
1) Riders must have costumes (wear a wig, decorate your helmet / bike / shirt. Have fun with it)
2) Last one across the finish line wins.3) Riders cannot touch the ground with their feet.
4) Riders must stay in their lane.
5) Bicycle must maintain forward motion at all times. Riders cannot go backwards.
6) Bouncing is allowed. However, the risk of stopping or going backward increases.
7) No contact with other riders.

How to Register

Sign up as a pure Mtn Bike racer or asa multisport guru—Kite, SUP, MTB!!! repeat!!

The La Ventana Classic has it all

MTB stand alone entries are 60 usd - you can register here and are allowed to enter all races

or show up on race day and sign up on site for an additional $5 usd 

Local kids under 16 are just 300 pesos to enter

Want to enter the SLOW RACE only? --  20 usd

There will be cash Draw Prizes equivalent to $10 usd per entrant awarded by lottery at 4pm at  the event site on sunday Jan 21 - anyone can win - must be present!!


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